Low Cost ELD Solution for Owner Operators

User Manual


Turn on your phone or tablet's GPS and Bluetooth capabilities. Connect your hardware to your truck's ECM or OBDII Port.

If you are using the "GEAR" hardware, a flashing green and red light should appear on the front edge.


Using the login information you received in the Welcome Email

Username or Email Here

Password Here

If this is your first time logging in, please accept Terms of Service and Application Permissions


Choose the Truck You Are Using Today You Can Search by Vehicle ID or VIN

Is this the correct truck?

If so Select Accept

If so Select Decline

Continue Without a Vehicle to access logs without selecting a vehicle.


After assigning your vehicle, you can:

Choose Yard Move or Personal Conveyance
"YM and PC cannot be selected here. This just notifies the driver they have the capability to use these features."

Property or Passenger

Choose your rule cycle

Measurement System
Find your Hardware
Click "Scan"

Below you can add your signature too. Select "Save" at the top when done!


Pairing and Troubleshooting

Pairing unsuccessful?
Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on

First time? After Connecting ...

  • You will need to update the firmware if you are using a PT30 device
  • Select "More" on the bottom right
  • Choose ELD Info
  • Check for Updates


Change Duty Status here
Cannot Change if driving

Curious if Connected
Check here

Tap if not

See Time Left in Current Status

Roadside Inspection
Used in event of being stopped by safety official to transfer records via web services

View, edit and sign driver daily logs.


For added safety to the driver, a password will be needed to leave this screen to ensure that an inspecting officer only sees what they need to see

DOT Inspection
Instruction Found Here

To Send Logs
Select Send Logs to DOT

Log History
Shows PDF version of daily logs


Tap on the day to view the logs

Edit button allows log header editing

Sign Logs Here

  • Logs will stay here past 8 days if unsigned
  • No logs will be sent to portal if not signed
  • button will display annotation of the log


Editing can be done by changing the start and end times as well

Select the time you want edited by dragging the bar

Select appropriate status

Add location and notes

Automatic drive time cannot be edited


Forgot to login and missing some time?
Go to "More"

Check Unidentified Driver Logs
Time driven that accrues when a driver forgets to login to their device or connect to their hardware prior to driving will show up here


Edit your signature for the certification of your daily logs and DVIR here

Send Feedback about ClutchELD here

Share CluthchELD here


View and manage your company info here

View additional information about your ELD, send support logs if an issue occurs, or perform hardware upgrades when notified here

Go back to dashboard here


How to report malfunctions and record keeping procedures

  1. Note the malfunction of the ELD and provide written notice of the malfunction to the motor carrier within 24 hours
  2. Reconstruct the record of duty status for the current 24-hour period and the previous 7 consecutive days, and record the records of duty status on graph-grid paper logs
  3. Continue to manually prepare a record of duty status until the ELD is serviced and brought back into compliance
  4. Compliance Malfunction Codes:
    • PWCM - Power
    • ESCM - Engine Synchronization
    • TCM - Timing
    • PCM - Positioning
    • DRCM - Data Recording
    • DTCM - Data Transfer
    • O - Other



The Clutch ELD is compliant with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation 49 CR part 395.15 &
395.22 regarding the automatic on-board recording devices. The Clutch ELD including the
mobile app, connection and web dashboard must be used as instructed by the
Clutch ELD In-Cab Instruction Guide.


For further assistance or information regarding the functionality of Clutch ELD compliance or use, please email us
at support@clutcheld.com