ELD Myths Debunked

A truck driver thinking about ELD myths

Even after all this time, certain myths about electronic logging devices (ELDs) persist. These myths keep people from complying with the mandate or even upgrading their clunker of a truck.

We’re going to debunk a few of those myths so you can make decisions based on fact that help improve your business and make more money.

Myth: Big Brother is Watching

Contrary to popular belief, the government isn’t using your ELD to track you or a driver by GPS or to automatically see your data. In fact, the ELD mandate specifically included privacy provisions to prevent this. The only people who see driving logs are drivers and authorized employees from your company.

Myth: It Might Shut Down Your Truck

Because an ELD must be connected to your truck, many people believe it can control your truck, potentially stopping it either due to a malfunction or because of going over HOS. Neither is true. The connection does not operate any of the controls of your truck and will not shut you down for any reason.

Myth: Violations Will Be Automatically Reported

With the logs being electronic and transmittable, plenty of drivers believe that any violations of HOS will be automatically reported. ELDs do not work that way. The only time logs are transmitted, and potential violations discovered, is during roadside inspections, traffic infraction investigations, and/or FMCSA audits. ELDs only replace paper log books; they don’t report you to authorities automatically.

Myth: Drivers Only Need a Smartphone

Smartphones are often used to log-in to an ELD or edit a log so it makes sense that drivers may believe that the only ELD needed is a smartphone. This is not true. The mandate requires an ELD to be “integrally synchronized” to track GPS. A smartphone GPS cannot track the miles traveled like an ELD does.

Myth: Owner-Operators Don’t Need an ELD

There are a few exceptions to the ELD mandate such as exceptions based on miles driven within a certain location, the age of the truck, and more. Some owner-operators may fall under these exceptions, but most owner-operators are not exempt from the ELD requirement.

Myth: ELDs Will Put Owner-Operators Out of Business

This is one of the earliest and most prevalent myths surrounding ELDs. Many drivers and owners believe the cost of installing and using an ELD will cut into already tight profit margins. They also think it’ll take more time than the paper logs and create more expense. In fact, the time saved, the efficiency, and the ease of use, as well as the tracking functions help fleets and owner-operators not only save money but make more of it.

Myth: ELDs are Too Expensive

Are there companies overcharging for their ELD? Yes, definitely. But are ELDs inherently expensive? Not at all. In fact, they can be so affordable that you only have to pay $5 per month per ELD here at Clutch ELD. That’s right. We’re able to provide you with a fully compliant ELD that has all of the features you need, and nothing that you don’t, for only $5/month.

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