New Year’s Resolutions: Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency

a truck driver happy about his fleet's increased efficiency

As a small fleet manager or owner/operator, you don’t have time for overly complicated systems and overpriced equipment. You need your equipment to work without breaking your budget. And you need something you can rely on and not have to spend all your time fiddling with.

Clutch ELD has everything you need and nothing that you don’t – no frills to complicate things. If your New Year’s resolution is to reduce your costs and make your fleet more efficient, look no further than Clutch.

Easy to Use

From the moment you sign up until the moment your equipment arrives, set up is easy. No wasted time reading a complicated manual or trying to get it to work. You can get signed up in minutes. Once you sign-up, we’ll send you the hardware you need. After it arrives, all you have to do is plug it in and pair it with our app. You won’t waste a lot of time learning a complicated system or installing cumbersome hardware. From moment one, our system is the easiest you’ll ever use.

Everything You Need, At Your Fingertips

Other than the physical hardware for your trucks, everything with Clutch ELD is online. You start by signing up using our easy online registration system. We offer manuals and how-to documents on our website so you can get the information you need wherever you are. Drivers will connect with smartphone apps, both for iOS and Android. You’ll have access to a web-based portal to update records, view reports, and more. When you need help, support is 100 percent online – no automated telephone prompts or hold times to deal with. Everything you need, from HOS logs to reports, is at your fingertips which saves you time so you can focus on running your fleet.

Extremely Affordable

Some fleets want a lot of bells and whistles and they’re willing to pay ridiculous prices to get it. Most fleets, however, want an ELD that works well and gets the job done without costing a fortune. If you’re looking for an easy way to cut costs in 2021, make the switch to Clutch ELD. Starting at just $5 per month per truck, you’ll have access to a fully compliant and easy-to-use ELD system – no hidden fees and we don’t charge you for extra features you’ll never use.

Get Only What You Need

What makes Clutch ELD perfect for owner/operators and small fleet managers is that you’re only getting and paying for what you need. There’s no navigating through features that are meaningless to your business, no frills and no unnecessary extras. Our ELD does exactly what an ELD is meant to do: log the hours driven for each driver and help them stay in compliance with the HOS rules. The result is less hassle and stress for you because your drivers aren’t in violation of their HOS, and you’re not paying extra fines because of it.

If your current system costs more money than it’s worth and takes too much time to use without doing the most basic function you need well, it’s time to switch. Make the move to Clutch ELD in the New Year and have a more profitable 2021 as a result. You’ll be happy you did. Sign up today and start saving!