How to Get the Most Out of Your ELD

trucks on the highway with drivers who are learning how to get the most out of their ELD

There’s almost nothing worse than paying for something and then wasting your time with it. That’s especially true in the trucking industry where every penny counts, and each dollar spent needs to make money.

Here’s how to get the most out of your ELD equipment and the system that comes with it.

Don’t Pay Too Much

To avoid paying too much for anything, there are two things to remember: shop around and only buy what you need. Not every ELD system is the same, so it pays to compare them to one another. Keep two questions in mind: How much does it cost, and what are you actually getting for your money?

The other thing to remember is to avoid flashy ELD systems that promise to do everything but drive the truck. If you need those functions, great. But if you only need a basic ELD that logs hours and transmits logs, keep looking until you find it.

Learn How to Use It

A good ELD should be simple to learn and to use. Once you lay out the cash for something, however, take some time to learn how it works so you can get as much out of it as you can. You and your drivers will be grateful for the time spent when a log won’t send or it needs to be edited.

As you shop around for an ELD, check to see how easy it is to use, and how much help and support the ELD company provides. If you can’t understand anything at first glance, it could be a system that will only drive you nuts later.

Use the Available Features in Your ELD

Remember, some ELDs offer every feature possible and others are more basic. Whatever you’ve got, put it to use so you know it’s money well spent. With Clutch ELD, you can check drivers logs and edit them, store your signature to easily sign off on logs and DVIRs, input driver and company information, and more. And you can see how it works before you buy anything with our online manuals.

The more use you get from your ELD, the more you’ll feel like you’re getting your money’s worth from it. If it has more functions than you actually need, look for a simpler option that does one thing well. Clutch ELD is a simple ELD that does what you need it to do without adding features you’ll never use — all at an affordable price.

Use the Data Your ELD Provides

Every ELD system will be a little different, but they all provide some kind of data. From hours logged to who’s using their DVIR daily, use whatever data your ELD gathers to make better business decisions. Do you need to let a driver know they better shape up or get out? Are some drivers doing everything right and deserving of a pat on the back? Your ELD can let you know which driver needs work and which driver busts their tail and deserves recognition.

With that kind of information, it’s like your ELD is working overtime for you — without costing you one cent more.

Looking for an ELD that does its job without costing you too much? Clutch ELD is an affordable, simple option for fleets of any size. You get all of the functionality without the fluff — and you get the value of a high quality ELD.