Holiday Gifts Perfect for the Truckers in Your Life

a truck filled with Christmas trees

Don’t know what to get the trucker in your life this holiday season? We’ve got several suggestions for gifts that will make them smile and make their life on the road a lot better.

The Gift of Entertainment

Truckers spend a lot of hours alone, both on the road and in the cab of their truck. Give them the gift of entertainment this holiday season to help pass the time while they eat up the miles and once they stop for the day.

Satellite radio: SiriusXM continues to be the most popular choice for satellite radio. You can buy the vehicle kit and start their monthly subscription. They’ll be able to listen to any kind of music they love in addition to many talk-radio options.

TV and DVD player: If they prefer the old school option of watching movies, a small TV and a portable DVD player will let them watch their old favorites on the road. Throw a few DVDs into their stocking to give them something new to watch, too.

Streaming services: From Netflix to Hulu to HBO Max, there are plenty of streaming services available. Make this the year you sign them up so they can watch shows and movies anywhere they can get a connection.

Good books: Space is limited in a truck, but that doesn’t mean the reader in your life has to go without. Buy an e-reader and fill it with e-books or if they prefer to listen, give them the gift of Audible or other audiobook services so they can listen while on the road.

The Gift of Comfort

Sitting in a truck all day can be rough on the body. Truckers deal with a lot of back problems. They also need a good night’s sleep to stay safe on the road. Help them have a more comfortable ride with these gift ideas.

Supportive seat cushion: Whether it’s made of memory foam or some other supportive material, look for something that helps ease pressure on the hips and aligns the back properly. After a full day of sitting on that cushion, their back will thank you.

Truck mattress: While not the cheapest gift option, it may definitely be the most helpful gift for your favorite trucker. A good mattress helps people fall asleep faster, stay asleep, and wake up more rested.

Shower supplies: A nice hot shower is a great way to start or end the day. But the hassle of it can be a major deterrent for truckers. A good shower kit that holds everything needed to get cleaned up and quick drying towels make the job of getting clean easier and more pleasant.

Electric blanket: A good electric blanket will keep a trucker warm and cozy all night long, helping them get much needed sleep.

The Gift of a Good Meal

Food options out on the road often leads to discomfort, weight gain, and boredom. Make meal time easier with these gifts.

Mini-fridge: Bringing healthy foods on the road is the best way to combat weight gain. A mini-fridge makes that easier than ever.

Slow cooker: Making meals on the road isn’t as difficult as you might imagine, especially with a slow cooker. They can dump a few ingredients in the crockpot, get on the road, and have a hot meal when they stop for the day.

Anything Yeti: From tumblers to mugs to coolers, Yeti is the master of keeping cold things cold and hot things hot. Whether they’re a coffee drinker or they need to keep their lunch fresh, look to Yeti for the perfect gift.

Portable coffee makers: Keurig makes a single-cup coffee brewer, but there are plenty of options around. Throw in a few samples of really good ground coffee and your trucker will always be closer to a good cup of joe.

Gift cards: Starbucks, Dunkin, favorite restaurants – gift cards are always a good option. They can help a trucker stretch a meal budget and give them a special treat from time to time.

The Gift of Safety and Support

Trucking is much more than driving, and truckers face plenty of hazards. This year, give the gift of extra safety and support.

Good sunglasses: Whether you choose clip-ons, prescription sunglasses, or just a good pair of Ray-Bans, a good pair of sunglasses can ease tired eyes and avoid potential eye strain.

Pocket tools: Multi-tools are always handy, especially when they’re small enough to fit into a pocket. Pick a Swiss Army knife, Leatherman tool, or Gerber Diesel multi-tool, and you’ll have one happy trucker in your life.

Dash cam: A lot can happen out on the road, both in traffic and off the road. Dash cams can be helpful after accidents, thefts, and other incidents, making it a great gift for a trucker.

Bluetooth headset: Texting and dialing a phone are massive safety hazards for any driver, but especially someone behind the wheel of a big rig. A bluetooth headset allows a trucker to stay hands-free and watch the road even as they’re talking to you.

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