Meet the New ELD on the Block

a truck using the latest ELD from Clutch

Tired of dealing with promises for the latest, greatest, does-everything-but-drive-the-truck ELD equipment that saves money and reduces stress — only to discover it costs too much, takes a PhD to learn, and wastes a lot of time to implement? Do you want simple tools for a simple task: tracking miles and hours driven?

Meet the ELD that doesn’t promise the moon or break the bank: Clutch ELD.

What You Get with Clutch

Clutch ELD is everything you need in your electronic logging device with none of the fluff you don’t. Consider it the perfect option for drivers and fleets who want a tool that just works without the padded cost for “extras” you didn’t ask for. No bells and whistles here, just a basic ELD to get the job done — without breaking your budget.

Here’s what we provide:

  • ELD hardware
  • Mobile app via iOS or Android
  • 100 percent online support
  • Web-based fleet manager portal
  • Easy-to-follow online instructions and manuals
  • No hardware costs, no contracts, and no hidden fees

The Clutch ELD is registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and works with both US and Canada federal hours of service requirements.

Get the ELD you need at a price that makes sense for what it does. All you pay is a one-time $25 setup fee per truck and $7 per month, per truck. If you pay for your full year upfront, that cost is reduced to $5/month and, for a limited time, we’ll waive the setup fee.

You don’t have to deal with a pushy salesperson, jump through hoops to get your ELD, or deal with a lot of extra paperwork. It’s as close to DIY as you can get without making your own equipment.

Why Clutch?

When the ELD regulations were rolled out a few years, you heard all the marketing pitches about how an ELD would save time and money. Those pitches came with hefty price tags and lots of work for you. Once you paid for hardware, installation, and monthly support fees, you were probably left asking, “Where did all the ‘savings’ go?”

For fleets with tight budgets and smaller operations, every dime you spend matters. Clutch gives you access to the equipment that keeps you compliant but also gives you a real chance to reap the benefits of the efficiencies a good ELD can provide.

  • Reduced HOS violations
  • Better routing to decrease fuel costs
  • Less hard braking and unnecessary idling

Having a smaller budget shouldn’t keep you from accessing the best tools. That’s why we started Clutch. We wanted to put our years in the trucking industry to good use for the little guy that gets left out of the conversations about technology, budgets, and efficiencies. You don’t have to own a fleet of thousands to enjoy the advantages of the big boys, not when you have Clutch on your side and in your trucks. Sign up to Clutch ELD today and get everything you actually want and need in your ELD without paying too much.